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Happy Torrents Day! For being online on this Special Day of the 30th March.

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2016: Torrents Day

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Don't forget to join in on the fun... Happy Torrents Day 2016.
Thread: Happy Torrents Day 2016 - 30th March [Year 5]
Happy Torrents day 2016.

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Thank you KAT Team for making it possible for us to be here everyday!

Happy torrents day everyone! pirate image


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ohh, yahh . Now we are going to declare war on Copyright

Thanks for this Cheevo .

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I remember getting this achievement, I was randoming derping on KAT and boom got this achievement. Thank you KAT, I would like to take a moment to thank my... nevermind xD.
derping: When you're herping the derp by derp derping around. Usually done on the internet.

had to look that one up. :lol:

I just realized that I received this, I want to say Thank You for this, but I also want to thank everyone (and I mean everyone) for making this site possible, that is users, uploaders, admins, etc, etc. Everyone here is AWESOME! (Sorry for using and old and outdated word)
awesome comment and i agree

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2016: Torrents Day

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Dear God..please forgive us...all of pirates in the world..i mean in kat..piratepiratechucklechuckle
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